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Hack is cool

The last week I’ve participated to my first hackathon, I enjoyed it very much and  I had the opportunity to collaborate with people from London.

There are a lot of reason to take part in a hackathon:

  • Learning new techniques and technologies come out all the time, and a hackathon is often a good way for developers to try out something new;
  • Collaboration between people from different business teams, which have a common purpose;
  • Creating and Making. Hackathons allow you to write software in an entirely different area for a change, letting you flex mental muscles that don’t often get used during your day job;
  • Having fun with your hack team;

Why companies need to host hackathons?

  • Innovation: hackathons can solve all kinds of challenges ranging from day-to-day workflow issues to software solutions to customer service concerns or even the creation of new products;
  • Community creation: hackathons are useful to create an innovation community;
  • Developer engagement: hackathons help establish two-way conversations between those that develop the technology (APIs, APKs) and the people that use them;
  • Recruitment:  hackathons are the better way to testing a candidate’s capabilities of handling challenges in the workplace;

What about my hack?

I have collaborated with 2 software developers and one product owner, here is our purpose:

A Facebook Messenger bot that will interact with customers and show product recommendations based on their input

We have used facebook developers API to build the Bot, and to improve the AI.


Keep in mind, hack is cool and fun. Hackathons increase your teamwork skill and they gives you the chance to improve your technical skills.

Cheers 🙂

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