Microservices architecture benefits and business value

Microservices architecture

Microservices are small, autonomous services that work together. —Sam Newman, Thoughtworks So, what is a service? A service is a software that… is responsabile for holding, processing, and distributing a particular kind of information within the scope of the system; deploy and runs are indipendent; communicate with consumers and other services, presenting informations using conventions ...

Dependency Injection overview

Dependency injection

Dependency injection is a set of software design principles and patterns that enables us to develop loosely coupled code, it is also one of the most misunderstood concepts in the object oriented programming. The Dependency injection pattern is strictly related to SOLID principles, for more information: SOLID principles using Typescript The main purpose of the DI is ...

Feature toggling using ASP.NET

Feature toggling using ASP.NET

Feature toggling using ASP.NET   Feature toggling is a technique in software development that attempts to provide an alternative to maintaining multiple source-code branches (known as feature branches), such that the feature can be tested, even before it is completed and ready for release. – Wikipedia I have already write about feature toggling in this article. ...

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