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Server side architecture with Node and Typescript using Nest

Server side architecture with Node and Typescript

Every platform has its own philosophy: a set of principles and guidelines. Node.js is strongly influenced by the Unix philosophy. Particularly in two of its working principles, which are as follows: “Small is beautiful.” “Make each program do one thing well.” The simplicity of Node.js core and its modularity gives a lot of advantages: first ...

Get down into Visual studio code

Get down into Visual studio code

The following article wants to get down into Visual studio code and its source code. In hip-hop music, the term Get down came from Grandmaster Flash. He was able to identify a ten-second drum beat that he would manually edit from one drum solo to another, across songs and genres — extending the beat, so that ...

Concepts of maintainable unit tests

Maintainable unit tests

The following article will explain some concepts about unit tests and some good practices about write maintainable unit tests. Although, the example are written in C#, the article concepts and topic are language independent. I have previously write about unit testing in following articles: Unit testing ASP.NET Core Identity Inversion of control and Dependency injection ...

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