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linq.js: LINQ for Javascript

linq.js: LINQ for Javascript

linq.js: LINQ for Javascript Last week I discovered a Javascript library that simulates C# Linq Syntax in Javascript. linq.js allows you to reproduce linq queries on JSON objects and javascript objects, the lib is stored on Codeplex at the following link, it has a lot of features: high compatibility with C# Linq syntax, JQuery object ...

The difference between IQueryable and IEnumerable

IEnumerable and IQueryable are interfaces that allows you to manipulate and query collections of data. IEnumerable is inherited by IQueryable, that means IQueryable add features to IEnumerable interface. IEnumerable vs IQueryable  IEnumerable IQueryable  System.Collections namespace  System.Linq namespace  LINQ to Object and LINQ to XML  LINQ to SQL  NO lazy loading  lazy loading  in-memory queries  out-memory ...