Developing artificial intelligence using .NET

Developing AI using .Net

Developing artificial intelligence using .NET Microsoft has recently released two important AI services: Microsoft Cognitive Services  are APIs which lets you tap into an ever-growing collection of powerful AI algorithms developed by experts in the fields of computer vision, speech, natural language processing, knowledge extraction and web search; Bot framework is a very useful framework to build ...

Introducing ASP.NET 5 on Ubuntu

Microsoft loves linux

Introducing ASP.NET 5 on Ubuntu   ASP.NET 5 (also called vNext) is a lean and composable framework for building web and cloud application. ASP.NET 5 is open source and available on GitHub, it’s also cross-platform. ASP.NET 5 components Following paragraphs describe some fundamental components of ASP.NET 5 (click here to go to demo part.): .NET CLR .NET CLR ...

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