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Web development in F#: getting started

Kunsthaus Graz art museum

Last year I started to go in deep of functional programming world. Indeed, for the majority of my time I build web stuff: web apps and APIs, mostly on the .NET stack and sometimes on Node.js stack. So, since I started to face with functional, my desire was to apply functional programming on the web ...

.NET Core 2.1 highlights: standing on the shoulders of giants

Since two years after the 1.0 version, .NET Core has gained a lot of popularity in the software engineering world. The following chart came from the Stack overflow survey 2018: Nowadays, .NET Core is in the top 5 of the most popular Frameworks, Libraries, and Tools. The metaphor of dwarfs standing on the shoulders of giants ...

Background tasks in ASP.NET Core

Background tasks in ASP.NET Core

Sometimes it is necessary to schedule and create long-running methods for our .NET Core applications. Manage scheduled and long-running methods is complicated.  For example, unhandled exception in a thread not associated with a request,  will take down the process. Secondly, if you run your site on multiple instances can cause  to run the same task ...

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