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Concepts of maintainable unit tests

Maintainable unit tests

The following article will explain some concepts about unit tests and some good practices about write maintainable unit tests. Although, the example are written in C#, the article concepts and topic are language independent. I have previously write about unit testing in following articles: Unit testing ASP.NET Core Identity Inversion of control and Dependency injection ...

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Javascript testing using WallabyJs

javascript testing using wallabyjs

Javascript testing using WallabyJs Wallaby.js is insanely fast, because it only executes tests affected by your code changes and runs your tests in parallel. Wallaby.js is a test runner for JavaScript, it can be integrated in most common code editors/IDE and it provides a productivity boost whether you are doing TDD and BDD. Wallaby.js is not free,  but ...

How TDD process works

TDD process image

TDD process  Automated testing Automated testing provides a solution to the manual testing process. Instead of filling out that form one more time and hitting submit to see if the client-side validations trigger as expected, we can instruct software to perform this test for us. Test-Driven JavaScript Development by Johansen Christian The advantages are: run tests ...

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